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Bronx Pest Control Services

We offer one of the best pest control services in the Bronx, New York. Ours is a locally owned and operated pest control company where we have made our mark through our competent services, knowledge, skills, and usage of innovative technologies for pest control.

Our pest control company is licensed and insured to carry out the extermination programs; not only this, our business is registered with the government authorities and our technicians are fully trained and certified to apply the chemical pesticides.

Why choose us:

At our company, the goal is to ensure the safety and protection of the people and their properties from the nuisance pests. Our experts offer pest control services in residential, industrial and commercial settings and customize the extermination plans according to the species, severity, and extent of the infestation.

Our knowledgeable pest control specialists carry out a thorough inspection of the infested place to identify the problem, their breeding spots, entry points, sources they thrive upon (food, shelter, water) and locate their life cycles. In light of the findings, the expert exterminators devise a comprehensive treatment plan and then execute it ensuring the safety and security of the people and pets around the infected premises.

Our pest control programs don’t end with the elimination of the bugs, in fact, we carry out the essential preventive measures to make your place unfavorable for pests and deter them from invading your place again.

We offer different monthly, quarterly, annual and one-time treatment plans for pests like ants, rodents, mosquitoes, roaches, fleas, ticks, termites and bees. Pick the one according to your convenience, or if you desire, we can also tailor a plan for you. Our quick response time, 24/7 customer service, environmentally responsible extermination programs and trained experts keep us one step ahead of our competitors.

Our extermination services:

  • Termites

Termites are tranquil little pests who might be silently eating away wooden foundations of your house without you being aware. Termites thrive on wood and moisture, and as you can’t entirely eliminate these two breeding sources of termites from your home, the danger of termites’ infestation always remain there.

We offer free inspection and evaluation of the termite infestation; contact us now if you fear termites’ presence at your place or treat your wooden structures beforehand to make them unfavorable habitat for termites.


tiger mosquito

  • Mosquitoes

One of the most annoying and irksome bugs we cross paths with most of the times are mosquitoes. Zika Virus, Dengue Virus, West Nile Virus, Malaria, and Chikungunya – mosquitoes are carriers of all these diseases and thus need to be eliminated for the safety of homeowners. Don’t cancel your pool/barbecue party and schedule your free inspection right now with us.

Our specialists not only will investigate the pest problem but will also plan and carry out an effective mosquito control program ensuring the safety of the homeowners.

  • Cockroaches

These nocturnal creatures usually live around damp and dirty places; therefore they’re usually found in the kitchen, attic or bathroom.  It’s essential to keep roaches out of your home or workplace because they are one of the sources for spreading germs around; however, there is no one-time treatment for these resilient bugs and the extermination is a lengthy process.

Our experts will provide the proper roaches control program along with preventive measures to curb their future invasions.

big cockroach american


  • Rodents (rat & mice)

Apart from imparting physical damage to the property because of their gnawing habit, rodents are also harmful from the health perspective. They are few of the most contaminated pests who infect every surface their fur comes in contact with and spread diseases around. Getting rid of them is tricky as they swiftly move around which makes them hard to kill. However, our experts know how to efficiently trap and eliminate them from your premises, so, trust them with your rodents’ problem.

  • Ants

These miniature pests are plenty in numbers and search even nooks and corners of the house for their food. They live in colonies and therefore infest places in thousands of numbers which makes it extremely difficult to control and exterminate them. Our trained staff after thorough inspection will locate their entry points treats the infested places, carry out preventive measures and properly get rid of them.

ants in a circle

large bed bug

  • Bed bugs

Bed Bugs usually go unnoticed because of their small size and colorlessness, and the moment residents notice their presence mainly through their bites, they’ve already infected the beddings and other household stuff. Eradicating them is difficult because of their life cycle; you may kill adults with pesticides but their eggs will survive and a new generation will soon infest your place again.

Technicians at our pest control company carry out non-toxic thermal remediation treatment to ensure complete removal of bed bugs from all life stages from your place.

  • Fleas

Fleas are a common pest problem faced by homeowners having pets and the problem worsens during the summer season as fleas thrive during summers. Fleas bite both humans and animals causing irritation, allergic reactions and even diseases like typhus and tularemia. Our extermination staff starts by assessing the extent of the infestation, look out for the possible entry points and carry out the proper treatment at strategic locations and potential breeding sites of the fleas.

Our men not only treat your entire home but will also discuss future visits as with pets the threat of flea infestation can never be disregarded.

engorged tick

  • Ticks

The moment residents notice the presence of ticks on pets and inside homes, they have already infested large part of the garden. Cutting the trees is one option to control them but that’s not a practical one. Our experienced technicians inspect the spots like tall grass, bushy corners or heavily wooded areas in your home, which usually serve as breeding spots for ticks, and then treat them with environment-friendly pesticides.

Our long-term monitoring program keeps the ticks away from your home ensuring the safety of your family members and pets.

  • Bees

Stings of bees and other insects like wasps, hornets, yellow jackets are not only painful but also results in causing severe swelling, allergic reaction, infection, nausea and in some cases death. Equipped with protective gear, our technicians safely remove the bees from your premises and relocate them at a safe place where they thrive in favorable surroundings. So, if you spot hive of any stinging insect in your outdoors or indoors, don’t disturb it; contact us as we know better how to deal with them while ensuring the safety of the homeowners.  


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Our priority is the comprehensive protection of your home and business, and therefore our focus is not just on pest control, but on pest prevention. We thrive on customers’ satisfaction and for this, we exploit all our resources and expertise.

Contact us now to avail these top-notch services and liberate yourself from all the pest woes.

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